Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Funnies

As today was Sunday, it was a day to spend time together as a family. We went to Revere Beach around lunch time even though it was really too cool for swimming in the cold New England water. Originally we had planned to head out earlier and with Jayna and her family but she wound up heading up to the hospital just to be sent home again with Braxton Hicks.....the craziness that is being 8 months pregnant, LOL.

After the beach, we mostly hung out around the house as it kept threatening rain. We still had fun though. Davis usually keeps us entertained. Today, he insisted on having David put his rainboots on him and walking around in just them and his diaper. Later on David was on the computer while I was doing the dishes and we both realized it was too quiet. So, David peeked around the open door into our bedroom and started laughing and ran for the camera. So I went to the doorway just in time to see that Davis had gotten into the laundry and put my bra on himself............the right way and everything.

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