Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toddler Talk Thursdays: Halloween

This week's topic is HALLOWEEN!  I love Halloween, I've always enjoyed it but I think what really cemented it as my favorite holiday was living in Salem, MA for 8+ years.  We moved there when I was in the 7th grade and lived there through high school.  I didn't really experience much of the Haunted Happenings madness until after high school. 

We actually lived in Salem for Davis' first Halloween when he was 6 months old which was great.  They have so many great family friendly activities.  David is also a big fan of Halloween so we both had a lot of fun taking Davis to things like their kids costume contest and the Haunted Happenings Parade. 

First Halloween 6 months old.

He made an adorable dragon.

Last year we lived in Lynn which is just a town over from Salem so we were able to participate in a lot of the Salem activities again. I also took him out trick or treating with my friend Jayna and her two daughters, Charlotte (then 3)  and Aaliyah (then 2 months).

Baby Dracula at 18 months.

This year, I wish we could do more of the awesome activities in Salem again but we live about 45 minutes away now and traffic getting into and out of Salem is insane.  We'll just have to make our own fun.   I still haven't decided what he'll be going as but I'm sure he'll have some input this year.  Maybe one of the Toy Story characters since he loves them so much.

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  1. Actually, he's going as Yoda. That's final.