Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging Award

Thanks so much to Erika over at Let Me Think! She just gave me an award and I'm so grateful to receive it!

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Seven Things About Me

1. I am ridiculously organized with some things...some might even say OCD.  For example, I have binders filled with plastic sheet protectors that are the homes to my letters from David, Davis' letters from David, and all of Davis' daily sheets and artwork from school.  Yes, they are all in separate binders and yes, I plan to save them forever.  Eventually, I'll even scan them all and keep digital copies.

2. I love the colors purple and green.  

3.  My favorite season is fall.  I love the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, wearing jeans, boots and hoodies.  My favorite holiday is Halloween and my birthday is at the beginning of October.  What's not to love?

4.  I believe in fate, destiny and karma.  Fate is what brought David and I together.  It was our destiny to be parents to our wonderful son.  And karma will take care of all of those who have attacked our family and made our lives so hard.

5.  I LOVE to read.  I will read pretty much anything.  I go to the library at least every other week and I always come home with a very heavy bag of books.

6.  I often feel lonely even though I live in a house full of people.  I miss spending time with David every day and seeing my friends all the time.  I wish I lived closer to them all.

7.  I may be easy going, but I will fight to protect my family at any cost to myself.  Even if that means having to cut myself off from people who have meant a great deal to me.  

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  1. WOW! Thank you so much for the award. That's so sweet. I'm truely honored:) I'll be back soon!!

  2. Thank you. I love getting awards, with all the blogs there are in bloggy world I think it is such an honor to receive them. I will post later tonight.

  3. Thanks love. You made my day, I have placed the award on my award page. Thank you so much for thinking I am deserving. COngrats on receiving it as well.I ma your newest follower!

  4. Thanks for the award!
    i appreciate it! I will accept is shortly!

  5. Wow, thank you so much for the award!!! I'm touched and honored :)

    You've made my day!!
    Shopper Gal

  6. Thank you very much. So nice of you to think of my blog:)

  7. Thank you so much!! I love these awards...they make me smile :) Thanks for making my day!

  8. Thank you so much!!! I'm so flattered that you would pick my blog! :)