Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning to Drive Stick Shift

So here's the current car situation.....

6 cars in the driveway and 51/2 drivers (Alec has his learner's permit).

Sounds like it works, right?


Natasha (Bryan's silver car) has been sitting in the car for several months patiently waiting for a new engine and the white car's transmission just died.

That leaves us with 4 cars and 51/2 drivers....still not too bad.

Except that two of those 4 cars are standard shift cars and only 1 driver (my uncle John) can drive stick shift.

So to help out with this situation, we decided that at least one other driver needs to learn to drive stick.

By the process of elimination, that person has become me.  Bryan is a teenage boy and therefore too bullheaded to listen when learning and likely to blow out the clutch.  Lindsay is a 20 year old girl with the same problem.  Marianne doesn't have the time as she is working two jobs.  Therefore, it all comes down to me. 

In preparation for learning this new skill, my uncle has given me some LEARNING TO DRIVE STICK  on  After reading a little bit of it, I have to admit that it is entertaining as well as informative. 

I'm still nervous about actually trying this out though.

I'll keep you all posted on how this goes.


  1. ha good luck!

    i learned how to drive stick on a 1972 Volvo (with NO power steering) this year just because people like to block in my easy to drive cars and it wasn't so bad.... mind you i just drive it around the block

  2. I learnt as standard because I am British. The thought of driving a automatic scares me.


  3. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and joining in the Wandering Wednesday blog hop! I hope you join in next week. I'm your newest follower.

  4. Before my husband went in he taught me to drive standard and I was not very confident with it at all, but when I had to buy my very own car this past spring I bought one that wa standard. I LOVE it. Besides all my teenagers friends (all permit, beginner license age boys) think it is cool that his mom drives a car that is standard.

    Keep in mind, that not everyone can drive my car or even borrow it. Yeah!