Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Morning Routines

I just came upon a great giveaway. Wanna Win a $100 Visa Gift Card? It's a part of the Fall 2010 Kellog's Love Your Cereal Program. This week they're all talking about their morning routines, so here's mine.

I've never really been a big morning eater, I usually have to force myself to eat something so I'm not starving by lunch time. I love breakfast foods, I just don't feel like eating first thing in the morning. I also have a tendency to sleep through the alarm or hit the snooze button too many times and get up with not much time to get ready. Therefore, I usually go with light things which are easy to grab and eat on the go. I've found cereal bars are great for this.

Now that I have a toddler to get ready for school in the mornings, I have started to get better about taking time to get ready and allotting time for him to eat before we leave. I'm still usually rushing around getting other things ready while he eats so I'm still sticking with the grab n go routine.

Davis needs to eat in the morning or he's extremely cranky. The good thing is he's not a picky eater. He'll eat pretty much any cereal I put in front of him, which is what we usually go with on weekdays when he has to get ready for school. He also loves pancakes, waffles and eggs which I try to make on weekends, although usually we opt for breakfast for dinner with those things. If we're running late, granola bars, cereal bars or pop tarts are other breakfast foods that he loves.....but only the blueberry pop tarts.

So, if you want to win a $100 Visa gift card, head on over to Mannland5 and read up on the rules for the giveaway.

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